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More Than a Church





Bishop Snider was given the assignment to do something that was different than “church as usual”!  His assignment was to bring businessmen together who were born-again believers with a “kingdom mentality and perspective”. These businessmen (which include women) are people in secular arenas of business, commerce, marketing, entertainment, sports, etc. This includes entrepreneurs, philanthropists, counselors, educators, government officials, etc. who sit at tables daily negotiating and discussing the welfare of our community, nation, and world.

Bishop Snider’s assignment was to create a haven of safety for business leaders in which some are ordained clergy within the 5-fold ministry and/or regular ecclesiastical structures known as “CHURCH”. Bishop Snider understood his assignment so very well from the time he was invited to join a businessmen’s bible study in Lexington, North Carolina in 1997 where men and women of different ethnic backgrounds met at 9:00 pm on Thursday nights to discuss stocks, trade, negotiations, etc., and then move into bible study and enrichment in which he was asked to lead and teach for three months.

Lighthouse H2R, Inc. is a business entity subdivided into three areas. Lighthouse Worship Center is one of the three areas that serve as the local assembly comprised of LEGAL business leaders who have authentic businesses with eins and certificates of existence from the commonwealths and states of their residence. During the onset of the pandemic, the worship center thrived with people who connected virtually from different states and other countries around the world to join in. Many testimonies of healing and deliverance lent themselves to what “H2R” stands for: Healing and Hope to Recovery and Restoration!

This model that was given to Bishop Snider was not one that those stuck at church would understand! Bishop Snider’s assignment is to LEADERS! Our meeting times and sponsored events do not align with traditional worship practices that have been seen in church ministry systems for hundreds of years. In this model, there would not be thousands or even hundreds. This model would only comprise a few people that would impact hundreds to thousands due to the influence of the business leader in their assigned business sphere(s) of influence.

Bishop Snider’s assignment is to take the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ into the world of trade and economic activity as the Apostles did as recorded in the Book of Acts.

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